If you are a student, you may wish to know my consultation arrangements.

I really enjoy teaching and I try to focus on engagement; relevancy; possibilities; and creating real value for my students. Being clever does not make you a good teacher. For me, teaching is about facilitating a conversation on an equal level including: showing compassion; respect; stretching; and holding myself and my students accountable to a process of gaining knowledge and skills. The word ‘equal’ in my previous sentence may upset some professors, however, I still stand by this principle.

I am currently coordinating an new exciting new post graduate major at Queensland University of Technology called Digital Environments. The Digital Environments Major is about how web 2.0 (social computing) is reshaping contemporary organisations. We are seeking to create graduates who can harness the benefits of social computing to advance business goals. Take a look at this (draft) mind map of the Digital Envrionments Major.

I am currently teaching and coordinating the following subjects/units:

Enterprise 2.0
Enterprise 2.0 is social software used in the business context. This unit focuses on creating consultants or entrepreneurs who know how to set up and use social software in a business context i.e. they would know how to use Web 2.0 between organisations; within organisations; and for organisations and the extended enterprise. Students get direct experience of assessing the Web 2.0 requirements for one or more real organisations. Take a look at the unit outline or my introductory presentation.

E-commerce Site Development
E-commerce is the buying and selling of products or services over computer networks such as the Internet. This unit focuses on creating consultants or entrepreneurs who know how to specify, design, implement and maintain advanced E-commerce applications and who will know how E-commerce and be employed to benefit an organisation. Students get direct experience of creating an e-commerce storefront following a b2b or b2c model. Take a look at the unit outline.

If you would like to know more about the Digital Environments Major at Queensland University of Technology, or about the units above, feel free to drop me a line.

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